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Brandon Reed

People find the strength to fight illness in many ways. Brandon Reed was born with it. Burdened with the congenital heart defect, aortic stenosis, Brandon had the first of his heart surgeries at 1 week old. After two more surgeries at 5 months and 10 years old left him well enough to pursue his passion for soccer, a permanent solution was needed so he could safely continue to compete.

At 16 years old, Brandon underwent a major heart procedure to replace his weakened valve. Rehab was advised to aid in his recovery, so Brandon and his family turned to the Cardiac Rehab programs at Baptist Health to get him back in the game.

Intensive sessions three days a week with his rehab team followed. And thanks to Brandon’s hard work, his resting heart rate came down low enough to clear him for strenuous activity.

Now, Brandon is taking the field with his team once again. This time, without the limitations that were a part if his life in the past.

“The greatest benefit we received from the rehab was peace of mind,” says Melissa Reed, Brandon’s mother. “He knows he can handle anything on the soccer field and we are much more at ease.” Watch video.

Keep on playing. Keep on winning. #KeepOnAmazing 


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