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A Healthy Future Begins with Healthy Kids

Baptist Health is committed to building happier, healthier communities throughout Arkansas – and that begins with our children. Each day, programs at Baptist Health invest in the health of our next generation and the future of Arkansas.

BHealthy Good2Go Breakfast Program

The BHealthy Good2Go Breakfast Program provides nutritionally-complete breakfast smoothies for high school students. Though breakfast programs thrive in elementary and middle schools, older children often forgo a sit-down meal before school, leaving them lethargic by lunch time. The BHealthy Good2Go Breakfast Program provides a grab-and-go option to help high schoolers start their days on a healthy note. The BHealthy Good2Go Breakfast Program was started at Hall High School in Little rock, and has expanded to J.A. Fair and McClellan High schools.


EatPlayGrow teaches daycare children the importance of nutrition, exercise and sleep through fun, interactive lessons that incorporate art, music and movement.

Healthy & Active Youth

Healthy & Active Youth is a 10-week program that helps Arkansas adolescents develop healthy habits at a young age, and avoid the host of mental, physical and emotional issues that can arise from being overweight. The program features a mix of educational classes and fun excursions to places such as Pinnacle Mountain, the trampoline park and a farm. Click here to learn more or to donate to this program, or if you would like to sign up for the Healthy & Active Youth Program click here.

We Can! CATCH Kids Club

We Can! CATCH Kids Club is an afterschool program that encourages elementary-aged children to live healthier, happier lives. Each day, participants are educated on nutrition, taught healthy habits and led through a fun exercise activity.

A healthy future for Arkansas begins with healthier children – and we’re committed to helping each generation become healthier than the last. Learn more about the youth initiatives at Baptist Health and how you can get involved or contact Baptist Health Community Outreach for more information at 501-202-1540.