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6 Reasons to Choose Baptist Health for Your Heart Care

Best cardiologists in Arkansas

When you have a heart condition, you need the best cardiac specialist – and you can find one at Baptist Health. Learn more about why Baptist Health cardiologists are the most renowned in Arkansas.

Qualifications and Specializations

Many of the cardiologists at Baptist Health go beyond required training to subspecialize in electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, nuclear cardiology, heart failure, structural heart disease, or peripheral vascular diagnostics and interventions. In fact, Baptist Health is considered a pioneer of cardiac subspecialties in Arkansas.

Power in Numbers

Each cardiologist on the Baptist Health team is exceptional individually, but it’s their work as a team that has created one of the most sophisticated cardiac programs in the country. Though patients may primarily see one cardiologist, their cardiologist is likely tapping into the expansive expertise and wide array of subspecialties of other providers in the program to ensure each patient is receiving the best possible treatment.

Pioneering Work

Our cardiologists set the precedent for cardiac care in Arkansas, and have a long list of accomplishments to prove it. Working with the cardiac surgeons at the Baptist Health Heart Failure and Transplant Institute, Baptist Health cardiologists have helped in completing Arkansas’ first heart transplant, first LVAD implantation and first total artificial heart transplant. 

Advanced Services

Baptist Health cardiologists provide patients with advanced, innovative services for a range of heart conditions. From open-heart surgery to congestive heart failure treatment to our BHeart Healthy Screening, we make sure each service we provide meets the highest standard for cardiac care.

Comprehensive Treatment

The best cardiac specialists can offer you seamless, comprehensive treatment for your heart condition both today and in the future. At Baptist Health, our cardiologists can treat the full spectrum of heart conditions thanks to the extensive amount of knowledge and expertise found within the program.

Compassionate Care

Compassion and empathy for patients sets great cardiologists apart from the rest. At Baptist Health, each cardiologist is invested in their patients’ outcomes, and makes sure patients have the support they need to live their healthiest lives. They are attentive during appointments, and make sure an adequate amount of time is spent with each patient to best understand their condition and get them the treatment they need. Baptist Health cardiologists go beyond their role as a healthcare provider to act as a true health partner.

Baptist Health is home to the most comprehensive cardiac care and best cardiologists in Arkansas. If you need support on your heart health journey, request an appointment with one of our experts, or take advantage of the wide range of heart health resources available to you through Baptist Health.