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5 Tips to Stop Stress in Its Tracks

On a daily basis, any number of things may cause you stress. But right now, you may be experiencing a higher level of stress than you’re used to. It can be hard not to feel stress when our days feel uncertain but learning how to use positive self-calming tactics is vital to improving our mental and physical health. So, what can you do right now to turn things around?


If you catch yourself lashing out, take a timeout and do something that helps calm you down. Breathe deeply and wind down with some low-key music or stretching.

Get Moving

Take a walk or a bike ride. Exercising can help boost your energy, lower stress and lift your mood.

Talk It Out

Talk it out with someone you trust, like a good friend or a family member. Opt for video calling or other methods of staying connected while still practicing social distancing. Be sure to also talk to your doctor if it seems like your stress is getting out of control.

Make a List

If worries are keeping you up at night, get them out of your head and onto paper. Make a to-do list you can tackle tomorrow. Then try to make sure that you get the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep if you can.

Take a Step Back

Try taking a temporary vacation from your favorite news sources for a few hours. You may need to set a daily limit for yourself to keep from information overload and feeling overwhelmed. Just remember – although we may not be able to control all of the situations that put us under stress, we can control how we manage it. Taking steps to care for our mental health is necessary for ensuring our overall health. For more on stress and stress management, visit our health library.