Current Residents

Kate headshot

Kate Callaway

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Rainah McIntyre

Hometown:  Sheridan, AR

Pharmacy School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Hobbies: I enjoy reading/drawing in my spare time and playing with my Maltipoo, Oscar.

Pharmacy Interests: Critical Care, ID, Internal Medicine

Why Baptist Health Medical Center- North Little Rock?

As a student, I had the opportunity of completing a longitudinal rotation experience with Baptist. During this time, I got to know several members of the pharmacy department here at NLR. Everyone I met made me feel like a part of the team, and they were genuinely interested in my growth as a practitioner. The culture at this hospital is positive, encouraging, and patient-centered. The size of this facility and the services offered here will provide a varied and robust learning environment. I enjoy the autonomy that pharmacists have at this hospital. I truly feel that I will be able to use my developing clinical skills to impact patients and make interventions as the year progresses. The challenge level of this program appealed to me, and I’m excited for the professional growth it will bring!


Hometown: Abilene, Texas

Pharmacy School: University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy

Hobbies: Crafting, painting, and playing video games

Pharmacy Interests: Infectious Disease, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care

Why Baptist Health Medical Center- North Little Rock?

Although I did not match in Phase I of the ASHP Match, I kept my head up and tried again. My search brought me to Baptist Health North Little Rock, and I am so thrilled and grateful to have been matched here in Phase II! During my interview, the entire team was so welcoming, and I truly sensed that everybody cared about the resident’s growth and professional development. I am confident that the diverse experiences offered at BHMC-NLR will mold me into a skilled clinical pharmacist capable of pursuing any career path I choose.