Current Residents

James Jim Narens

James "Jim" Narens

Hometown: Texarkana, AR

Pharmacy School: Harding University School of Pharmacy, Searcy, AR

Pharmacy Interests: Cardiac, Internal Medicine, Transitions of Care

Hobbies: Hanging out with my wife and daughter, occasionally watching a movie on a streaming service or reading fiction novels, playing overly complicated board games, painting miniature tabletop figurines

Things I like about NLR/Central AR: As a larger metropolitan area, there are numerous parks and public spaces, where my family and I can spend time outdoors together. We are also nearer to other family members than when we were living in Searcy. Since COVID-19, I have not been as willing to go out to eat, but there are always new restaurants I hear about and add to my growing list of things to do.

Why Baptist Health-North Little Rock?

The pharmacy team at Baptist Health-North Little Rock is full of dedicated professionals who strive hard everyday to provide the best level of care to their patients. I was fortunate enough to see this as a student and decided that I wanted to apply to be a part of that dynamic. There also exists the opportunity to work along side a GME program, which I feel can further strengthening the healthcare team through an interdisciplinary approach and bring a higher level of care to patients.