Behavioral Health

Geriatric Behavioral Health

Geriatric Behavioral Health at Baptist Health in Little Rock is an inpatient program for adults 55 and older treating problems such as depression, dementia and behavioral changes. Our goal is to help our elderly continue to live a happy and full life as they age.

The 17-bed inpatient geriatric psychiatry unit offers a small and comfortable environment, supported by group activities, recreational therapy, spiritual enrichment and more led by professional staff. We believe family involvement is very important in maintaining mental health for seniors and we encourage visitation during designated times.

Patient referrals for services may be made by anyone (family member, primary care physician, nursing home staff, pastor, friend, neighbor) and a professional assessment of need will be arranged.

For more information regarding the inpatient geriatric psychiatry program, call the Behavioral Services Call Center at (501) 202-7006.