Behavioral Health

Distance Counseling Services

As soon as you are diagnosed with a mental health issue, it’s important to receive treatment. Unfortunately, many people forgo treatment simply because they don’t have access to mental health care. Frequently, this is due to lack of local providers, traveling distance or cost.

Who Can Participate in Distance Counseling Services?

Baptist Health helps break down those barriers to care through distance counseling services. This type of telehealth allows individuals across the state to talk to a counselor located in Little Rock via video, email or phone. All communication is encrypted for patient protection, giving you the freedom to discuss your issues in a secure and safe environment.

People of all faiths are accepted at the Behavioral Service Clinics and through telehealth services.

Types of Counseling Offered

Distance counseling patients have access to the same services provided at the Little Rock-based counseling center including :

  • personal counseling
  • marriage counseling
  • family and relationship counseling
  • critical incident debriefing
  • conflict management/resolution
  • assessment and referral
  • work and career issues
  • grief/bereavement counseling
  • stress management
  • basic life skills
  • financial counseling
  • spiritual direction

Clinic Hours and Contact

Distance counseling services are conducted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with extended hours by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call 501.202.7587.