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Signs You Should See a Spine Specialist

A variety of symptoms can indicate a serious spinal issue, including a few you wouldn’t expect. If you are experiencing any of these signs, you may be dealing with a spine issue or injury and should reach out to a physician.

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Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

By 2020, it is estimated that nearly 60,000 Arkansans will be living with the most common form of dementia – Alzheimer’s disease. An irreversible, progressive brain disease, Alzheimer’s slowly deteriorates mental function and memory, creating a range of difficulties for those with the disease and their families. Though there is no way to prevent or cure Alzheimer’s, the disease may be easier to handle if it’s onset is detected early. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of the disease below.

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Six BHealthy Tips for Aging Well

Aging well begins with healthy habits. September is Healthy Aging Month, and we want to help seniors live their healthiest, most amazing lives. Read on for a few tips on how you can help yourself age healthily.

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Bacteria and Viruses: What’s the Difference?

Bacterial and viral infections have many things in common. Both types of infections are caused by microbes (bacteria and viruses) and are spread by things such as coughing and sneezing, contact with infected people, surfaces, food, water, pets, livestock, or insects such as fleas and ticks.

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