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When is Home Health Right for You or a Loved One?

Seeking assistance for health matters can be difficult, especially if it means giving up freedoms that a person is accustomed to. Home health offers the convenience and comfort of receiving care in a person’s home while allowing them to maintain some of their independence. Additionally, it can be a more cost-effective option for many people than other solutions, such as long-term care facilities.

When assessing whether home health is right for you or a loved one, several factors should be considered. 

Evaluate the physical and mental health of the individual seeking care. 

This will help determine if they are able to manage their own health care needs with minimal assistance or if they require more significant support.

Assess what type of services might be necessary. 

With this information, you’ll have a better idea of what home health service provider or providers might be best suited to meet the individual’s needs. 

Home health services offered through organizations such as Health at Home by Baptist Health may include:

  • Skilled nursing visits for intermittent patient care, including the administration of medication or prescribed treatment
  • Education from home health nurses for patients on how to manage their disease and assess for complications that could put them in distress
  • Home health aides to assist with bathing
  • Physical therapy to improve gait and mobility, and to promote strength and endurance
  • Occupational therapy to increase independence with bed, toilet, and bath transfers, and to promote independence with activities of daily living, and reduce the risk of falls
  • Speech therapy to increase communication and often improve swallowing 
  • Social work to offer counseling, find community resources and help with crisis intervention

Ask important questions.

Does the home health agency have the expertise required to help me reach my goals or the goals of my loved one? Choose an agency that has trusted experience in providing quality care and is familiar with the particular condition or needs. In addition, the caregiver should be able to put the patient at ease.

Who will be providing the care and how do I know they’re qualified? Find out how many nurses are on staff and become familiar with their qualifications. Caretakers should be qualified and trustworthy. Find out what type of training and continuing education they receive.

How often will I receive updates about the care being provided? Become knowledgeable on the home health agency’s communication methods to ensure that all parties involved are informed regarding the care.

Review which care option is the most affordable.

Have a clear understanding of whether home health services are covered by your insurance plan. If care isn’t covered by insurance, ask the agency whether a payment plan is available to cover the costs.

If you get your Medicare benefits through the traditional Medicare health plan, home health should be covered. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), check with your plan to find out what is available to you.

If you have a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy or other health insurance coverage, tell your doctor or other health care provider so your bills get paid correctly.

Consider the location of the person receiving care. 

Home health services are available in many areas, but you should confirm that there are qualified providers nearby.

For example, Health at Home by Baptist Health currently has three Arkansas home health care facilities. Our service area is within a 50-mile radius of our offices in Little Rock and Arkadelphia and within a 35-mile radius of our Heber Springs office.

Health at Home by Baptist Health offers home-based services that provide patients with exceptional treatment backed by the state’s most trusted name in care. From chronic disease management to post-hospitalization recovery, home-based services give patients unparalleled access to the care they need most.

Home health can be a great option for many people who need health care services but want to remain in their own comfortable environment. By taking into account all of the factors involved, you can determine if it is right for you or your loved one. 

Once you have found a home health service provider, schedule an appointment to meet with them and discuss the details of your situation. Ask questions about their services and inquire about any additional resources.

If you want more information about Health at Home by Baptist Health, please call our Customer Service Center at (501) 202-7882 (in greater Little Rock) or toll-free at 1-800-850-6789.