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Have a Heart, Save a Life

April is National Donate Life Month – an issue that is close to our hearts at Baptist Health. Since 1989, we’ve helped hundreds of Arkansans get a second chance at life through the Baptist Health Heart Transplant Program.

Led by Dr. John Ransom and Dr. Steve Hutchins, the Baptist Health Heart Transplant Program is the most innovative, progressive cardiac program in the state, and the only one to perform heart transplants. The heart transplant team manages care for hundreds of patients at a time, seamlessly coordinating services through each phase of treatment, which typically begins with medication therapy. When the effectiveness of medication begins to wane, other options are explored, including a ventricular assist device or complete heart transplant. Whatever course of treatment is chosen, the heart transplant team is committed to ensuring each patient and their family has a positive experience.

Today, the Baptist Health heart transplant team has transplanted more than 270 adult hearts. Thanks to our commitment to building happier, healthier communities, we do all we can to make heart transplants a reality for those with heart failure, and there is one way you could help – become an organ donor. Across the country, someone is added to a donor waiting list every 10 minutes, and 20 people die each day waiting for a transplant. By signing up to be an organ donor, you could potentially save the life of a fellow Arkansan, and make a lasting impact in your community. Learn more about the important work of the Baptist Health Heart Transplant Program or sign up to be an organ donor.