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For women that struggle with pelvic floor disorders, incontinence or a bladder condition, life is often uncomfortable, at times awkward and at its worst, painful. Through specialized urogynecological treatments, we offer relief from these conditions and help women get back to the enjoyable, stress-free life they deserve. Along with our team of board-certified urogynecologists, we’ve made an unparalleled commitment to ensuring the women of Arkansas have access to the individualized care they need, when they need it most.

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da Vinci Minimally-Invasive Robotic Surgery

Through the groundbreaking da Vinci system, Baptist Health offers women the latest in gynecological procedures. With technology more precise than a surgeon’s hand and less invasive than laparoscopic surgery, da Vinci offers women faster recovery times, less pain and better outcomes compared to other surgeries. Gynecological procedures performed with da Vinci include, hysterectomy, sacral colpopexy, endometriosis resection, large fibroid removal and more.

Bladder Botox Injections

Find the treatment you need for an overactive bladder or urinary incontinence through quick, simple bladder Botox injections.

Urodynamic Testing

Urodynamic testing helps to pinpoint the root of bladder or pelvic floor symptoms, allowing you and your doctor to create an individualized treatment plan that will effectively treat your condition.


Find the answers you need about your bladder issues through state-of-the-art cystoscopy.

Pessary Placement and Management

Receive the support you need to treat urinary incontinence due to pelvic prolapse through pessary placement and management.

Urethral Bulking Treatment

A urethral bulking treatment gives you relief from urinary incontinence through a minimally-invasive injection.

Bladder Instillations

By reducing bladder inflammation, bladder instillations alleviate burning or discomfort when urinating.

Find a Urogynecologist Near You

As the largest, most comprehensive health care provider in Arkansas, you can be sure to find a convenient location near you. Find a urogynecologist local to you and request and appointment today. Find more information on how to talk to your doctor about bladder problems here

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