Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation is designed to minimize disability and maximize independence for individuals who have experienced joint replacements, hip and leg fractures, debilitating arthritis, or other orthopedic injuries and conditions that limit functional abilities.

Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute incorporates a team approach in the treatment of orthopedic patients, coordinating efforts between the staff, patient and family to ensure a unified approach to care and special concerns.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy treatments and services focus on restoring the individual’s mobility (movement) and function and preventing further disability. 

Using various types of canes, walkers, splints and braces, walking is practiced on various types of floor surfaces, ramps, stairs and other situations relevant to the patient’s home and community setting. Transfers are practiced from the wheelchair to the car, bed, toilet, tub and other furniture. Strength and range-of-motion training utilizes a variety of exercise techniques to restore functional joint movement, improve flexibility and reduce pain.

Occupational Therapy

Baptist Health’s fully-equipped rehab facilities include replicas of a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom to simulate situations specific to each patient’s home setting, and a community training center, resulting in a smoother transition from inpatient rehabilitation to life after discharge.

Outpatient Therapy & Education

To reinforce the strengths and skills an individual acquires in the inpatient program, arrangements for outpatient therapy or home health services will be made, when indicated.

With 20 outpatient locations across central Arkansas, our experienced team of more than 60 occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists and neuropsychologists offer a wide range of therapy services to help you regain maximum function so you can get back to your life. Find a Baptist Health therapy center near you. 

Patient and family education related to the disease process, equipment needs, community resources, and medication will be provided. Individualized family training with the members of the treatment team may also be scheduled if the patient is likely to require assistance with mobility or self-care after discharge.

For a comprehensive overview of our award-winning care, download our annual report.


Patients may be referred to Baptist Health Rehabilitation by physicians, family members, friends or a self-referral. A screening examination may be conducted prior to admission. The cost of treatment is covered as with any hospitalization by Medicare, Medicaid, Workers’ compensation and private insurance carriers.

For additional information on how to begin the admission process or to schedule a tour, call 501-202-7011 for Little Rock, 501-681-0974 for North Little Rock or 1-888-227-8478 for Baptist Health HealthLine.

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