Labor & Delivery-Arkadelphia

Delivering your baby at Baptist Health Medical Center-Arkadelphia

The day you welcome your child into the world is one of the most important days of your life, and at Baptist Health Medical Center-Arkadelphia, we make sure your labor and delivery goes as smoothly as possible. 

Parking & Check-in

When you arrive, you will park on the south side of the building and enter through the visitor check-in location at the center doors.  Enter through the visitor entrance and a Baptist Health team member will greet you and will direct you to the admissions desk, where we will ask for your photo id and insurance card.  Once you’re all checked in, we’ll escort you to our Women’s and Children’s department.  If you are here for a labor check or other obstetric complication or test, we’ll direct you to the nurses station.

Next, we’ll determine the stage of labor you are in and gather any additional information that we’ll need to treat you. While in triage, we’ll monitor your signs of labor and assess the status of your baby. We may also begin treatments like IV fluids or medication. From here, we will either send you home or admit you to the Women’s & Children’s department.

About Our Labor & Delivery Suites

Our labor and delivery suites offer many amenities. Each room is outfitted with a specialized labor bed that will allow different positions for laboring moms. The bathrooms are spacious with a shower. While in labor, we will monitor you and your baby.  Our nurses are well versed in different positions to facilitate a natural delivery including the use of birthing balls and peanut balls. The infant care center is set up to provide care for your newborn in the room after delivery and throughout your stay. And not to forget your guests, each room has a small seating area, a pull-out couch, and flat screen TV. We are a Baby-Friendly certified facility as well. 

For vaginal deliveries, you will labor, deliver and recover in the same room. If your birth requires a cesarean section, you will be taken into our operating rooms and then brought back to your room for recovery. 

Once your recovery from delivery is complete, you will stay in your birthing suite until discharge.

After Delivery

After delivery and until discharge, it is our goal to promote bonding and provide a safe environment for you and your infant. Both our labor and delivery and postpartum units are locked areas and a staff member will let you and your visitors in and out. Each infant is banded with a security device from birth to discharge for added protection.

If you have any other questions about Labor and delivery or visitation policies, please feel free to call us at (870) 245-1222. We are so glad you have chosen to deliver with us. Have a blessed day and we will see you soon.

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