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Delivering Your Baby at Baptist Health-Fort Smith

At Baptist Health-Fort Smith we take pride in being a part of one of the most special days of your life – the birth of your child. From our physicians and nursing staff to our housekeeping and food services teams, we each play a vital role in making your experience a memorable one. You can trust that the safety and health of you and your baby is our top priority.

When preparing to deliver your baby at Baptist Health, we ask that you pre-register through MyChart to ensure a quick and easy check-in process.  

Accessing the Labor & Delivery Unit

Due to COVID-19 visitor restrictions, patients are asked to enter through the Main Entrance of Baptist Health-Fort Smith, located at 1001 Towson Avenue, from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Take the West Elevators to the 3rd Floor, then enter through the double doors to the right. You will be greeted by Labor and Delivery staff who will help get you admitted. Those coming to the hospital after hours and on weekends, will need to enter through the Emergency Room entrance. Staff at our ER desk will ask basic questions to get the admission process started and take you to Labor and Delivery.

Our Labor & Delivery Rooms

Our spacious labor and delivery rooms allow for our staff, physicians and a guest to assist you in the labor process. For those wishing to experience natural laboring or childbirth, we offer tools to help you such as birthing balls in various shapes and sizes and birthing bars to help with positioning during labor. Our experienced staff will go above and beyond to help you have a safe and successful labor experience. 

Two cesarean section suites are available for mothers who require a surgical intervention during childbirth. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are available 24/7 to administer general, regional and monitored anesthesia care for scheduled and emergency C-sections. 

After Delivery

After delivery, you and your baby will move to a recovery room in Labor and Delivery. Later, you will transition into a postpartum room, which also provides accommodations for a partner.

Baptist Health-Fort Smith also offers a Level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and trained nurses who can care for infants who are premature or suffering from moderate illness upon birth.

A Family Room may be available to parents of infants who are admitted to the NICU to allow the mother to breastfeed and care for the baby. In addition, Baptist Health-Fort Smith offers Angel Eye Camera Systems for parents and families who are unable to be with their baby in the NICU. This technology enables loved ones to log into a secure account from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone and check in on their newborn from any location at any time of the day. Learn more about the heaven-sent solution for NICU families.

Safety Measures for You & Your Baby

For added safety and security, the Women’s and Children’s Unit is not open to guests outside of the mother’s partner or support person and dedicated staff members who wear pink identification badges. Infants will also wear Hugs Infant Tags on their ankles that will generate alerts should someone attempt to exit through a protected doorway with a monitored infant without authorization.

Preparing for Discharge

As you prepare to go home and adjust to life with a new baby, we know paperwork is the last thing on your mind. Our staff will help begin the process of acquiring a birth certificate for the baby and completing the necessary forms that will be sent to the State Health Department of Vital Records. Please remember to bring photo identification for both mother and father.  

You will be given a form you can mail with your fee to request a legal copy of your baby’s certificate. Please wait approximately two weeks before mailing this form to allow the State Health Department Division of Vital Records time to file the birth.

If you don’t receive the birth certificate, please call the Division of Vital Records at (501) 661-2336. The Social Security card will be applied for automatically with the registration of your baby’s birth. You should receive this card by mail within 10 weeks.

Bringing Your Baby Home

No matter how long your child’s hospital stay has been, going home often brings relief for the whole family— and planning for life after discharge can ensure a smooth transition. Watch the video below to learn more about car seat compliance and tips for safely transporting your newborn home from the hospital.

Why Choose Baptist Health-Fort Smith

You place a great amount of trust in the hospital that delivers your baby, and with our advanced services, exceptional amenities and expert care team, we are more than equipped to make you feel confident in your decision to choose Baptist Health-Fort Smith

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