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eICU® Care

What is eICU® Care?

One of the latest medical advancements at Baptist Health is eICU® care -- continuous monitoring of critical care units throughout the Baptist Health system from one central command center located on the Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock campus.  

Baptist Health eICU® care provides your loved one in an intensive care unit (ICU) with constant, 24/7 remote care administered by an expert intensivist (a doctor specializing in critical care) who monitors every aspect of their patient’s condition.

The ability for the eICU to provide constant monitoring to ICU patients reduces the number of serious complications through prompting earlier interventions. Studies of healthcare systems that have implemented an eICU command center show a 27 percent reduction in mortality rates and a 17 percent reduction in length of stay, primarily because patients are being watched more closely.

The eICU system does not replace your family physician or surgeon, but provides additional support to ensure the best possible outcome for your loved one. It adds a layer of safety and confidence to the busy caregivers in the units.

What treatment options are available?

Using powerful technology and private, high-speed data lines, Baptist Health eICU can accurately monitor vital signs, medications, blood test results, X-rays and all other diagnostic information from bedside monitors. This information is received on computers exactly as you see it in the hospital room for the physicians and nurses to analyze. Additionally, patients can be examined through the use of special high-resolution cameras as well as allowing the eICU care team to talk directly into the room with the hospital nurses and physicians.

How can I be sure that private health information is protected?

Access to Baptist Health eICU is limited to only authorized hospital personnel. Entry is only allowed into the system through secured access. Information is not released to anyone other than those providing medical care.

A scrambling technique is applied to all information (encryption) to make it unreadable as it travels across the phone lines. When the information reaches the eICU command center, the technique is reversed so that physicians and nurses can read. Information is it the team sends back to the hospital is handled the same way.

Cameras are only used by the nurse or physician who is taking care of your loved one. No temporary or permanent recording is made from any camera or microphone. Before the nurse or physician enters a patient’s room, a doorbell chimes announcing their presence. When not in use, the camera’s lens is turned off and points away from the patient.