Strong Foundations, Amazing Kids

Recently, Dr. Gardner established the first Reach Out and Read program in southeast Arkansas. Reach Out and Read is a national non-profit. The program helps develop speech and language skills for children beginning in the newborn period and extending until they enter school around kindergarten and first grade. The purpose is to prepare them for school and set them up for success.

¿Está Aprovechando al Máximo Su Plan de Seguro?

Nadie quiere pasar la temporada navideña en una clínica u hospital, pero ahora puede ser el momento adecuado para aprovechar al máximo los beneficios de su seguro. Pero, desafortunadamente, cuando se trata de muchos de esos beneficios, debe usarlo para mantenerlo en el nuevo año. Muchos no están familiarizados con todos los beneficios que ofrece […]

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Insurance Plan?

Nobody wants to spend the holiday season in a clinic or a hospital, but now may be the right time to make the most of your insurance benefits.  But, unfortunately, when it comes to many of those benefits, you need to use it to maintain it in the new year. Many aren’t familiar with all […]