Success Stories

The best advocates for the care you can expect from Baptist Health are the patients themselves. Hear success stories from a few of our patients.

James Jolly, Prostate Cancer Patient (2:48)

Baptist Health used new robotic technology to surgically remove James’ cancer with more precision and delicacy than ever possible before. Hear his story.

Jack Chandler, Sleep Apnea Patient (1:00)

Jack found himself becoming extremely tired in his everyday life because he was breathing abnormally in his sleep which lead to a poor quality of sleep. Hear his story.

Donna Divine, Diabetes Self Management Patient (2:55)

Donna shares her success that she has had in controlling her diabetes when she came to Baptist Health for a diabetes management program. Hear her story.

Ellen Nolen, Gastric Bypass Patient (2:34)

When Ellen’s weight was getting in her way of her enjoying time with her children, she came to Baptist Health for a bariatric solution. Through hard work and a lifestyle change she has lost over 100 pounds and has run several marathons.

Spencer Elton, Weight Loss Program Patient (2:22)

Through Baptist Health’s weight loss program including nutritional help and exercise, Spencer was able to reclaim his energy and freedom back from obesity.

Doris Woodson, Bariatric Surgery Patient (8:34)

Doris had struggled with adult onset diabetes and weight problems for several years until finally a diabetic emergency left Doris in a coma for over 20 days. Through determination and encouragement from Baptist Health Bariatric Center Doris was able to stop running from her fears and give her a second chance to “get her life back” in her dramatic and heartfelt testimony.

Eric Martin, Leg Amputation Patient (3:47)

Eric lost his leg to diabetes, but that didn’t stop him from walking again. Hear his story.

Ben Davis, Weight Loss Program Patient (4:06)

Ben went from having a food addiction to losing over 100 pounds and competing in triathlons using Baptist Health’s weight loss program through nutritional restructuring and real life-style change.