Success Stories

The best advocates for the care you can expect from Baptist Health are the patients themselves. Hear success stories from a few of our patients.


Ellen Nolen, Gastric Bypass Patient (2:34)

When Ellen’s weight was getting in her way of her enjoying time with her children, she came to Baptist Health for a bariatric solution. Through hard work and a lifestyle change she has lost over 100 pounds and has run several marathons.

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Spencer Elton, Weight Loss Program Patient (2:22)

Through Baptist Health’s weight loss program including nutritional help and exercise, Spencer was able to reclaim his energy and freedom back from obesity.

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Doris Woodson, Bariatric Surgery Patient (8:34)

Doris had struggled with adult onset diabetes and weight problems for several years until finally a diabetic emergency left Doris in a coma for over 20 days. Through determination and encouragement from Baptist Health Bariatric Center, Doris was able to stop running from her fears and give her a second chance to “get her life back” in her dramatic and heartfelt testimony.

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Kerri Kirkendoll, Bariatric Surgery Patient (3:22)

When it comes to barrel racing, nothing slows Kerri down. But when a weigh condition threatened to keep her away from the thing she loved the most, she turned to the bariatric specialists at Baptist Health to get her life back and get her back in the saddle.

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Ben Davis, Weight Loss Program Patient (4:06)

Ben went from having a food addiction to losing over 100 pounds and competing in triathlons using Baptist Health’s weight loss program through nutritional restructuring and real life-style change.

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Sandra Gentry and Patience Carrey, Weight Loss Program Patients (2:35)

Sandra Gentry and Patience Carrey, mother and daughter, talk about their experiences going through bariatric surgery together.


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Kenneth Gaddie, Gastric Bypass Patient (2:18)

Kenneth Gaddie, Gastric Bypass Patient, shares his story with bariatric surgery.

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