Success Stories

The best advocates for the care you can expect from Baptist Health are the patients themselves. Hear success stories from a few of our patients.

Father Udochukwu Ogbuji, Spinal Cord Injury Patient (4:37)

After a Catholic priest lost the use of his limbs in a car accident, the Catholic church chose to use Baptist Health to restore him through therapy and care. Hear his story.

Alan Sargent, Stroke Patient (2:00)

Losing control of his right side didn’t stop Alan from taking back his life and even returning to his job teaching. With the help and care of Baptist Health, Alan is well on his way towards the progress of regaining the full use of his right side and even helps to go jogging in a year. Hear his story.

Alice Boon, Stroke Patient (2:18)

With the help of new Bioness technology, Alice has been able to perform her rehab exercises with more precision and better form which has allowed her to recover even faster. Hear her story.

James Marshall, Stroke Patient (3:26)

Through a combination of fast treatment by Baptist Health and dedicated rehabilitation therapy, James was able to make a near-full recovery from his stroke after not being able to speak or use his right side. Hear his story.

Rob Moore, Brain Injury Patient (5:41)

Rob Moore suffered brain damage in 2004 when he was struck on the head by a baseball bat. Baptist Health has helped him and his family reclaim his life. Hear his story.

Justin Callaway, Brain Injury Patient (4:50)

Baptist Health is one of the biggest and most experienced rehab clinics in Arkansas. The Callaways trusted Baptist to help them when their son, Justin, suffered a brain injury in a car crash. Hear his story.

Eric Martin, Let Amputation Patient (3:47)

Eric lost his leg to diabetes but that didn’t stop him from walking again. Hear his story.

Nathan Pruitt, Hand Amputation Patient (1:35)

Using a robotic hand that Nathan received at Baptist Health, he is learning to do minor tasks and achieve independence once again. Hear his story.

Dale StClair, Tele-Rehab Patient (2:57)

Sometimes it can be difficult for a patient to come in to a clinic multiple times a week for physical therapy. With Baptist Health’s tele-rehab program, Dale has been able to rehabilitate herself from her hip surgery in the comfort of her own home. Hear her story.

Kendrix Collins, Rehabilitation Patient (2:24)

Kendrix Collins, Rehab Patient, shows the progress he is making through therapy to relearn simple tasks with his new bionic hand after losing his fingers and legs to a serious bacterial infection. Hear his story.