Success Stories

The best advocates for the care you can expect from Baptist Health are the patients themselves. Hear success stories from a few of our patients.

Mark Tolliver, Hip Resurfacing Patient (2:27)

Mark had suffered from advanced arthritis in his hip to the point he could barely even sleep at night. His hip resurfacing allowed him to recover much faster than a total hip replacement, while still leaving replacement open as a later option if needed.

Jim Moore, Knee Replacement Patient (5:26)

Jim’s knees started slowing him down in his 50’s and was getting in the way of enjoying his grandchildren. Double knee replacement has transformed Jim’s life and his results are typical of 90 percent of double knee replacement patients.

Buddy Goodwin, Total Knee Replacement Patient (1:44)

After suffering knee pain his whole life, Buddy got a total knee replacement at Baptist Health. What makes his replacement special is that the replacement was custom fitted to his anatomy using MRI scans and computers.

Pat Fisher, Partial Knee Replacement Patient (2:01)

Pat was only experiencing pain on one side of her knee, making her the ideal candidate for a partial knee replacement as opposed to a total knee replacement, which has a much longer recovery.

Dorothy Henderson, Total Knee Replacement Patient (2:51)

Dorothy was able to walk the same day of her surgery with the use of the latest innovations in knee replacement techniques.

Patsy Harrison, Balloon Kyphoplasty Patient (2:27)

Patsy was plagued with chronic back pain until finally her spine fractured by natural demineralization. Balloon kyphoplasty stabilized her fractures and established the normal bone structure.

Deborah Westbrook, Reverse Shoulder Replacement Patient

Deborah Westbrook and her husband had been steadily working to remodel their Pangburn home when she began having pain in her shoulder.

She shrugged it off as a sign of aging but the pain continued to worsen to the point where one day, she realized she couldn’t even lift her glass of tea.

After Deborah’s primary care physician referred her to an orthopedic specialist, Dr. David Gilliam at OrthoArkansas, it was decided immediately that her rotator cuff was completely deteriorated and she needed a total shoulder replacement.

Dr. Gilliam knew that traditional surgery replacement was not an option for Deborah because of her severely degraded rotator cuff. He felt that she would be an excellent candidate for the innovative reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

In June of 2013, Deborah had a successful reverse shoulder replacement surgery at Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock and was back to her regular activities within no time.

Deborah is once again enjoying her remodeling projects and entertaining her four grandchildren!

Dixie Lee West, Hip Replacement Patient (2:34)

Dixie Lee West talks about the decision to undergo hip replacement surgery after the pain kept her from her favorite activity, riding horses.