Phillip Clardy

Employee, Baptist Health

Baptist Health has been a Godsend to me and my family. I began working at Baptist Health in 1999. I own horses and had a major accident a few years ago. While riding a new mare, she began bucking, and then jumped straight up and fell back on me. At the time, I only received a bruise above my knee on the right leg from where the saddle horn hit my leg. A few weeks later, I began to have trouble breathing. My breathing worsened, so he had me do a stress test running on a treadmill, which didn’t show any damage. I was walking down the hallway in front of Shuffield Auditorium and couldn’t get my breath. An employee saw I was having difficulty breathing. He found a doctor who told me I needed to go to the ER. The ER doctor working ordered a CT scan with fluids, confirmed both lungs were full of blood clots, said I may not make it. They called in my family and began giving me blood thinner injections every three to four hours. After a few days in CCU and recovery, I went home. The doctor explained to me how lucky I was. I have also beat prostate cancer while employed at Baptist Health. Words cannot express how much I love this hospital, staff, friends and all the departments, doctors, nurses and administration. I work in facilities management and have always been treated with respect.