Jennifer Foster


My journey with Baptist Health began in January 2020. I have since then been given quality care, compassion and above all the best doctors and nurses that God has blessed me with. In July 2020, I underwent major open heart surgery. I stayed in the ICU for almost two weeks. The nurses and doctors made sure that I was taken care of and that all my questions were answered. After I was released to go home, I came back a few weeks later and had to go back in for another surgery. The care I received was awesome. Both times those at Baptist Health made sure I was getting the care I needed. Even those who came in to deliver my meals and those who cleaned my room made sure to ask how I was, if I needed anything or how my day was. With going through two surgeries in two months with no one to sit with me during my recovery because of COVID-19, the nurses, doctors and staff made me comfortable. Thank you Baptist Health for the care you gave me.