Occupational Health

Occupational Health

What is occupational health?

Developed more than a decade ago, Baptist Health’s Occupational Health program consists of physicians, physical and occupational therapists, and business and medical professionals committed to employment testing programs which effectively reduce workplace injury incidence and workplace injury costs.

Employers utilizing Baptist Health Occupational Health or their own customized comprehensive prevention and work management program are experiencing average work injury reductions of 50 percent during the first year of implementation with continued reductions in the second and third years. You can expect significant reductions of injury claims, reductions in lost time, increased worker productivity, decreased turnover and diminished incidences of fraud and abuse. And, your employees will be safer and your company more profitable.

For more information, contact the Baptist Health Occupational Health Clinic at (501) 490-1633.  

What services are available?

Baptist Health Occupational Health will help you establish a system of standardized, pre-employment and post-offer, fit-for-duty and functional capacity tests currently being utilized by employers nationwide. Pre-employment screening and recording of physical baseline measurements reduce financial exposure of work-related injury. Our protocols offer legally compliant employee programs. We also provide OSHA 29 CFR compliance services in-clinic or on-site depending upon the number of employees and the employer's needs. Additional services include:

The Baptist Health Occupational Health Port Clinic and Campus Clinic offer the following services:

  • Audiometric Hearing Screening
  • Breath Alcohol/EBT (DOT & Non-DOT)
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Drug Screens (DOT & Non-DOT)
  • Immunizations 
  • Physical Examinations (DOT, Non-DOT & FAA)
  • Post-Employment/Fit for Duty Testing 
  • Spirometry/PFT and Respirator Fit Testing 
  • Pre-Employment/Post Offer Physical Demands Testing
  • Urgent Care/Work Injury Management
  • Vision Screening (Ishihara, Snellen and Titmus)

Our occupational health program also provides on-site services:

  • Wellness Screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Educational Classes
  • Audiograms/Hearing Screenings
  • Spirometry & Respirator Fit
  • Blood Lab Draw
  • Flu Shots

Corporate Wellness Screenings
Baptist Health has developed a program that consists of comprehensive screenings, educational classes on various health topics and a series of corporate lectures.  This program can assist your clients’ employees in making voluntary behavioral changes which can reduce their healthcare risk and enhance their productivity and well-being.

How to Schedule Onsite Services
Contact Sandy Simmons at (501) 202-4333 or sandy.simmons@baptist-health.org or Lynn Nowell at (501) 202-3719 or lynn.nowell@baptist-health.org 

Mobile Unit
With the mobile unit, we take the hearing booth to the client with the ability to screen 6 employees in 26 different languages in each 20 minute session.

How to Schedule
Contact Lynn Nowell at (501) 202-3719 or lynn.nowell@baptist-health.org