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Your Personal Connection to People Who Care.

While people choose MedAlert for a number of reasons, they remain subscribers largely because of the caring response they get every time they push their help button.

MedAlert takes the time to learn all about you. So when you push your help button, the highly trained MedAlert Monitor who answers your call knows your special needs and interests before you say a word. Your health and well-being is our only concern and we're always there when you need us. There is a low installation fee of $40.00 and a monthly fee of $40.00.

The MedAlert No-Phone-Line Solution 

We now offer the first ever medical alert system that works inside the home without using a phone line or GSM panel. For homes with no phone lines we designed our Mobile PERS System to be the main base when you are home. The mobile device sits in a special charger at home and is activated by your wristband or pendant. When pressed, your base unit acts just like a base unit connected to a land line! Talk hands-free through the 2-way voice communicator.

This mobile system works just like a standard console. A simple push of the your wristband or pendant help button brings up a live operator through your Mobile Communicator to determine what kind of help you need. Whether you need a family member to help you out or police, medical or fire rescue, we will get you the help you need, when you need it.

Join those who are living independently in their homes thanks to MedAlert, a truly personal, caring connection. Why wait? Just fill in the form below and submit. You'll hear back soon from our MedAlert representative. Thank you! 

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