Registered Nurse Residency Program

All new graduate RNs hired into Baptist Health will automatically be enrolled into the residency program. The Baptist Health RN Residency is designed to provide educational development opportunities to equip the new graduate Registered Nurse with the knowledge and skill needed to smoothly transition to practice. Our goal is to develop highly competent, emotionally healthy, engaged employees who practice professional nursing at its highest level and are committed to excellence and life-long learning.


Courses are designed to enhance the learning that occurs during the Preceptor-based orientation period and throughout the first year on the clinical unit. In today’s fast-paced clinical environment our trained preceptors carry a full patient load while training new orientees, which makes it difficult to teach the vast amount of skills a new nurse must learn during their orientation time. Because of this, our curriculum, unlike other residency programs, includes hands-on, interactive clinically- focused learning experiences to help the RN achieve clinical competency. Professional development is also a focus, and we will assist Residents with creating a professional portfolio to utilize throughout their nursing career.


The program consists of 12-4 hour educational sessions, which will each be offered quarterly. 2 sessions are paired together each offering, allowing the option of attending morning, afternoon, or all day. The Resident is required to attend all 12 sessions within 12 months. Residents self-schedule which allows autonomy and flexibility as to how they choose to complete the program. This design also allows for rolling points of entry, so new graduates may begin upon hire any time throughout the year.


The goals of the program are to increase nursing competency, promote professional practice, positively impact quality metrics, influence a healthy work environment, improve recruitment and retention and develop future leaders.


  • Innovative flexible scheduling options
  • Clinical focus to help achieve competency
  • Smaller class sizes to allow for hands-on, interactive learning
  • Flexible entry points


Residency sessions are made up of the R100’s which include Clinical Concepts along with the R200’s which consist of Professional Practice & Healthy Work Environment Concepts.

R100’s – Clinical Concepts

Emergency Management
Oxygen Therapy Devices/ Pain Management
Restraints/ Medication Management/ Infection Control Issues
Blood Administration/ Skin & Wounds/ Nutrition
Transfers/ Moving/ Fall Prevention
IV Therapy & Devices/ Urinary Catheters

R200’s – Professional Practice & Healthy Work Environment Concepts

Best Practice for Patients and Nurses
Conflict Management
Professional Development
End of Life & Ethical Decision Making
Professional Communication
Patient Care Delivery & Teams

Admission criteria:

•Admission is automatic for all new graduate RNs hired into a Baptist Health full-time position. View current available RN positions.

•Temporary or permanent Arkansas nursing license

•Completion of New Employee Orientation and all required nursing orientation classes (More information regarding the residency will be given during classroom orientation).

•Admission is year round

For further information please contact Ruth Ann Milbourn, Residency Coordinator at