Home Health

Home Health

What is home health?

In many cases, home health is the extension of care you receive after discharge from a hospital or rehabilitation facility. In some situations, you may already be at home and your physician believes you need one or more of our services to keep you out of the hospital or to monitor your progress. By sending medical professionals into your home, we can personalize the care we provide and customize it to your home environment. That’s what makes home health different: when it's difficult to leave your home for medical services we come to you and provide what you need in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Baptist Health Home Health Network has been one of the leading home health agencies in Arkansas for almost 30 years and we would welcome the opportunity to serve as a homecare provider for you or a loved one.

We currently have three Arkansas home health care facilities. Our service area is within a 50-mile radius of our offices in Little Rock and Arkadelphia, and within 35 miles of our Heber Springs office.

For even more information, we invite you to visit Baptist Health Home Health Network’s website or call the location nearest you.

Little Rock:

11900 Colonel Glenn Road
Suite 2000
Little Rock, AR 72210-2820
(501) 202-7480


3050 Twin Rivers Drive
Arkadelphia, AR 71923
(870) 245-1040

Heber Springs:

1709 W. Main
Heber Springs, AR 72543
(501) 206-0025

Who qualifies for home health?

Your physician must order the specific home health services you need based on your medical condition. In addition, each healthcare payer has different criteria which must be met before they will pay for the services. For more detailed information, please call our Customer Service Center at (501) 202-7882 or toll-free at 1-800-850-6789.

What treatment options are available?

With your physician, our nurses and therapists design and carry out a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and adjust treatments, as needed, to keep pace with your progress. Treatment may include one or more of the following services:

Skilled Nursing Visits

Our team of nurses provides intermittent patient care including the administration of medication or prescribed treatment. These nurses also monitor vital signs, obtain lab specimens, administer wound care, provide patient education and assess the patient's response to treatment. They coordinate your nursing care directly with your physician and are qualified to teach you and your family members how to take care of your needs.

Home Health Aides

Under the supervision of a registered nurse, trained home health aides deliver personal care and attention such as bathing, personal grooming, dressing and even meal preparation. They also assist with ambulation and exercise.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists can help you overcome or compensate for physical limitations. Therapists can teach you how to adapt or relearn previous skills, and help you complete therapeutic exercise programs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are also available to help you achieve independence. They will teach you how to utilize the physical resources you have in order to perform everyday tasks.

Speech Therapy

For patients with specific speech or swallowing disorders, a speech therapist may be assigned to help. Speech therapists concentrate on speech articulation and hearing disorders and administer language and voice disorder treatments.

Social Work

Social workers can help you and your family deal with the stress that frequently accompanies serious illness by offering counseling, short-term mental health therapy and providing crisis intervention. In this way, every aspect of your care -- social, environmental, economic and emotional -- is addressed.


Baptist Health Home Health Network offers a telehealth monitoring program for patients who may benefit from daily assessment of key indicators of health status.  Telehealth equipment can be used to measure temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry and blood glucose levels.  Daily measurements are transmitted  to our telehealth monitoring center where specially trained nurses review the information to identify symptoms of developing problems.  Telehealth nurses work with physicians to provide early response to problems identified.  The intensified monitoring and early treatment that our telehealth program provides often prevents unnecessary Emergency Department visits and hospitalizations. Telehealth services are provided at no additional cost.

Is home health covered by insurance?

The cost of home care facilities and services is often covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance. Traditional Medicare covers qualifying Home Health services at 100 percent with no cost to the patient. Other programs and plans have widely varying coverage criteria, limitations and co-payments. When we receive an order to start home health, we will verify the specific coverage of your insurance and inform you prior to initiating care in your home.