Baptist Health Medical Center-Hot Spring County Puts Health Information at Patients’ Fingertips While Hospitalized

MALVERN, Ark. – Baptist Health continues to make investments in technology that is changing how health care is delivered and also putting more power in the hands of consumers. Many patients these days are now exercising their right to be informed and want access to their medical record and to play an active role in decision-making and the planning of their health care.

Not only do more patients want access to more information, but access to this information increases patient and family engagement, active participation in the care, and increases the likelihood the patient will be compliant and will ultimately have a better outcome.

One of the most-recent patient-engagement tools that addresses this need is a tablet-based application called Epic MyChart Bedside. MyChart Bedside is similar to the healthcare system’s patient portal, but it’s unique in that it provides patient information throughout the patient’s inpatient stay and now Baptist Health Medical Center-Hot Spring County has the technology too.

Patients today want more information about their condition and to know how to positively impact their health-care outcomes. Numerous health-care studies have shown that the more knowledgeable patients are about their medications, diet, and other prescribed health-care regimens, the more likely they are to avoid complications and future readmissions.

With MyChart Bedside, patients are offered a Samsung tablet by the nursing staff for use during their stay. The tablet is easy to use and hospital staff provides a quick overview for patients and also family members if desired. There is also a quick tutorial on the tablet regarding navigating through the various features.

The tablet enables patients to review key aspects of their patient record. For example, they can see a list of their health-related problems as documented by their physician and can review orders, medications and scheduled procedures.

Patients can also see a select grouping of physician notes such as medical history, consults, discharge summaries, and procedure and operative notes once signed by the doctor. Vital signs and labs can be viewed and trended as well.

Another great feature in MyChart Bedside is the ability to view pictures and brief bios of their care team to help patients and families feel more comfortable and connected during their stay.

Educational topics can be assigned by the nursing staff for a patient to review. When a patient completes the review, this information flows back to his or her chart in Epic to document their understanding. The tablet also allows for patients to request non-emergent items such as a snack, ice, extra blanket, and more. Nursing support staff can monitor these requests via a list that appears in Epic.

Tablets not only provide valuable information for the patient’s care but also provide a means of entertainment. Fun and diversionary activities include access to games, Facebook, white noise, music, and even coloring books!

While the tablet idea is still new to most patients, patients who have used the MyChart Bedside tablets at BHMC-Conway and BHMC-North Little Rock have appreciated the opportunity to participate more fully in their care and have expressed high satisfaction levels with the new program.

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