Baptist Health to Host Great American Safety Drive Stop

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock will be hosting the only Arkansas stop of the cross-country 2014 Great American Safety Drive as the MedEvac Foundation International caravan makes its way from California to South Carolina.

Each day along the 11-day trip, the Great American Safety Drive will make a Safety Stop where a half a day workshop will be provided for local air medical and ground emergency medical personnel. The Arkansas Safety Stop will be at Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock on Saturday, June 7 from noon to 4 p.m. Featured speakers will be Tarek Loutfy, Metro Aviation Safety director, and Colin Henry, MedFlight of Ohio Safety vice president, who will discuss reducing aviation and ground-related accidents by fostering a proactive safety culture and promoting higher safety standards through professionalism, personal accountability and the adoption of a Safety Management System (SMS). Baptist Health MedFlight, the healthcare system’s air ambulance, and its staff will be on location for this event.

The Little Rock Safety Stop includes lunch and is a free resource for first responders, as well as the transportation and medical community.

The Great American Safety Drive is an initiative of MedEvac Foundation International intended to spread the critical message of medical transport safety and raise monies to support safety research, education and programs such as the Survivors Network and Vision Zero. The drive began May 31 and features two classic cars as they make their way across the country. For more information on the Great American Safety Drive, visit