Baptist Health Air Ambulance to Provide Show and Tell Opportunity For Bryant Boy Scouts

BRYANT, Ark. – Boy Scouts in Bryant will have the unique opportunity of learning about Baptist Health MedFlight on location when the air ambulance touches down at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 14, at First United Methodist Church in Bryant.

In addition to supporting local community youth organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, Baptist Health MedFlight makes almost 500 transports annually from across the state.

Celebrating more than 30 years of operation, MedFlight is equipped with life support systems and staffed by emergency medical care professionals who work to stabilize and treat patients during transport. In fact, Baptist Health is the only healthcare system to provide a special neonatal intensive care team on flights for high-risk mothers-to-be and critically ill infants.

MedFlight also conducts community service projects such as Prom Night and Landing Zone classes. Prom Night is a mock accident staged to show the consequences of drinking and driving. Students watch the events as they would take place in real life including the call as it comes through 911, the patients being transported for medical care, the drunken person being handcuffed and placed in custody to the deceased being transported away by the coroner. Landing Zone classes educate emergency medical services staff on how to set up a helicopter landing site at the scene of an accident. This training provides first responders continuing education credits they are required to earn each year.