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About Baptist Health Weight & Nutrition Center-Malvern

Let Baptist Health Weight & Nutrition Center be your guide to a healthier lifestyle. Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your current health, manage a chronic health condition or food allergy, our program is for you.

Baptist Health Weight & Nutrition Center applies a comprehensive approach of both diet and exercise to assist in your healthy lifestyle transformation!

Hours are limited at this time and many hours of operation are by appointment only. We recommend calling to get details before visiting.

We offer several options:

1.) Weight Loss Program

This is our most intensive weight loss option. When clients join our program, they go through an hour and a half long orientation to personalize their meal plan. We calculate their resting metabolic rate, and with these numbers and some nutrition background information we collect, we create a customized meal plan using our protein and fiber-rich products, along with produce from the supermarket. Our goal is for our plans to be easy to follow and guarantee a certain amount of weight loss each week. Clients will return each week to be weighed, discuss progress and adjustments to their plan on a week-by-week basis. Our goal is to slowly wean our clients off these products, and our weekly appointments help to teach our clients how to make healthy choices by addressing behavior change which leads to healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits.
*One-time orientation fee: $185
*Monthly attendance fee: $100 (drops to $50 when 80% of weight loss goal is attained)
*Average weekly food cost: $90 (this is the grocery bill for the week, this cost may vary and usually decreases as client progresses through program)

2.) Metabolic Testing

This option may be for those clients who don’t need such a hands-on approach for weight loss. With this option, clients come in to measure their metabolic rate using our indirect calorimetry machine.
*Option 1: $55 – This includes a one-time 30-minute visit where we perform the test, acquire various measurements, and explain the results to the patient
*Option 2: $185 – This includes a one-time hour and a half long appointment with the dietitian in which the test is performed, the results are explained, and the application of results including goals, meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes are shared
*Option 3: $200 – This includes everything mentioned in option 2, plus the ability to return in 6 months to re-test metabolism and re-evaluate the meal plan

3.) Nutrition Counseling

If you are interested in seeing a dietitian and would like to see if insurance would pay for your session, speak to your doctor about sending a referral directly over to Baptist Health Weight & Nutrition Center-Malvern. Your insurance may cover one or more appointments with a dietitian where you are provided written and verbal information along with resources that pertain to weight loss or other conditions.

Important Malvern Services

Comprehensive Services

Effective, non-surgical weight loss planning
Goal-setting to improve overall health
Maintenance plan to aid chronic health conditions
Comprehensive guides to aid with diet and exercise
Healthy lifestyle information and education
Consistent communication with your weight loss guide and dietitians
Your expert team consists of Clinical Dietitians and Certified Exercise Staff
Personalized diet plans based on your individualized needs