EpicCare Link FAQs

Is there a fee? No. In line with our mission, Baptist Health is providing EpicCare Link to promote coordination of care and improve the health of the patients we serve.

What computer equipment is required? To access EpicCare Link you need a PC or Macintosh computer, a high speed or DSL internet connection (dial-up not recommended) and the current browser edition of Chrome.  You will have access to diagnostic results, reports, insurance/billing information.

What if I need to see radiology images? See directions below to install Citrix Receiver if needing to view scanned documents or radiology images. If only needing to view demographic/insurance sheets, diagnostic results/reports, and physician notes, Citrix Receiver is not required.

How do I search for a patient record? You will be required to enter patient name, DOB, and gender. You are also required to choose a reason for accessing the record. After you search for a patient, the patient will be added to your Patient List for 10 days.

How do I get set up? Determine a point person (site administrator) for your location. That person should go to https://www.baptist-health.com/epiccare-link/ and establish the location as a site. If requesting access for a new healthcare provider, choose “Request access for a New Site”. If not a healthcare provider (consultant, insurance company, etc.), choose “Request for Vendor Access”.

Site Administrator – The person who will manage user access for the location. The site administrator is trained first and then serves as an onsite resource for the other users. The site administrator also verifies each user’s continued need for access on a routine basis. Each location may have up to two site administrators. After initial set up, communication between the site administrator and Baptist Health will primarily occur through the In Basket function in EpicCare Link.

What kind of role should I request? Users can request one of the following four roles:

  • Provider (viewing and ordering): Select this role if you are a physician provider (MD, DO, DDS)
  • APN/PA Advanced Practice (viewing and ordering): Select this role if you are the APN or PA. **You must fax your Collaborative Agreement or PA Protocol to 501.202.4338 in addition to the online access request. Log on information will not be granted until fax is received and processed.
  • View and Ordering (non-provider): Select this role if you need viewing and wish to submit physician orders and referrals
  • View Only (non-provider): Select this role if you need view only
  • Referral Specialist (non-provider):  Select this role if you need viewing and wish to submit referrals to specialty clinics

IMPORTANT Information about Physician Orders Outpatient tests can be ordered through EpicCare Link. Each order will require a diagnosis association prior to signing. If the ordering user is not the authorizing provider, the authorizing provider must co-sign the order via their In Basket.

IMPORTANT Information about Referrals  Referrals can also be submitted through Link.  A physician’s signature is not required.

Once I submit the request for access, what happens next? BH will work directly with the site administrator to establish the site. All future users will obtain their usernames and generic password from the site administrator.

How do I keep my EpicCare Link account active? Users must log in to Baptist Health’s EpicCare Link once every 90 days in order for the account to remain active. The site administrator verifies each user’s continued need for access on a routine basis.

Who should I contact if I am having problems accessing EpicCare Link? Please contact the IT Helpdesk at 501.202.2100 to report a problem. Be sure to indicate that you are an EpicCare Link user so that the ticket will be sent to the correct team.

Can I share my user name and password with someone else? No. Baptist Health policy requires each user to have a unique user name and password. Violations of this policy may result in loss of access. If other individuals need access to perform job functions, they can request an account at – https://www.baptist-health.com/epiccare-link/.

How do I reset my password? Users should call the IT Helpdesk at 501.202.2100 option 2 for password resets. Specify that you are an EpicCare Link user.

Privacy/Security Information

  • Baptist Health uses industry-standard encryption technology to protect patient information.
  • All user activity is audited and monitored by Baptist Health and its third party auditing software. Users are granted access for the sole purpose of treatment, payment or healthcare operations as it relates to the user’s job function. Any personal use of the system is strictly prohibited. Any impermissible use of patient information can result in loss of access and/or criminal or civil penalties.
  • All users agree to Terms and Conditions during access request and initial login. Please read these carefully.

Download “Citrix Receiver” for viewing scanned documents and radiology images

  • Go to the Citrix website and select the “Downloads” link.
  • In the “Select a product” box, select “Citrix Receiver.” (It should automatically default to the receiver for the correct operating system on your computer, example: Windows OS).
  • Select the “download receiver for…
  • After the download finishes, close the citrix website and go to the next step.
  • Important Note: Baptist Health does not support any type of personal device.

After downloading the Citrix Receiver, type the following in the address line https://myapps.baptist-health.org of your internet page (not the search engine). It should open the login screen to the Baptist Health – MyApps Portal page. Keep in mind you will have to install the Citrix Receiver on each device used to access EpicCare Link.