Some additional highlights of this new MRI equipment include:

• Scan multiple organs simultaneously with whole body imaging
• Coils flow over every curve fitting patients’ form to achieve the best results possible
• Streamlined scan experience for department and patients with a detachable table
• Acquire exceptional images faster 
• Increase signal-to-noise ratio and reduce scan time in a single exam
• Faster scan times and faster set up improve productivity
• Built-in digital ecosystem provides immediate expert support and coaching
• Lower helium usage by up to 67% due to Intelligent Magnet Technology
• Two tons lighter and 1.4 times more efficient than conventional designs
• Flexible room designs reduce site construction costs

Clinicians can scan multiple organs simultaneously and with fewer patient adjustments using whole-body imaging. Combined with GE Healthcare’s patented AIR Coils, clinicians have total freedom in coil positioning and handling during an MRI scan. Each coil is lightweight and flexible to closely wrap around patients, like a blanket, to fit each patients’ form – helping them achieve the best results possible.

This feature is especially useful in light of today’s disease burden. For example, prostate imaging –– a traditionally uncomfortable experience –– is now much faster, simpler, and more comfortable.