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Baptist Health Radiation Oncology-Fort Smith treats cancer with innovation.

We recently invested in new technology and equipment to provide better and more precise treatment for cancer patients in the River Valley. The upgraded system utilizes Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) which is a multi-angle camera system that communicates in real-time with the treatment machine and allows for extremely precise and safe non-surgical treatment of malignant and non-malignant tumors, particularly tumors in the brain.

The system allows for a much more comfortable and non-invasive patient experience without sacrificing treatment efficacy and quality. Given the higher precision and accuracy of the system, the treatments can often be completed in one session and repeated to other areas if necessary. The SGRT system also can be used in treating other areas of the body with advanced breathing techniques. In particular, this allows Baptist Health Radiation Oncology-Fort Smith to more completely spare the heart in certain types of breast cancer cases.

“Cancer care is evolving and improving rapidly,” said Dr. Daniel Schroyer, a radiation oncology specialist. “In order to provide the best treatments hospitals and healthcare systems need to invest and improve their equipment. I’m very excited about our ability to treat patients locally with cutting-edge treatments rather than sending them out of the community. Going through cancer treatments can be challenging enough from an emotional and physical standpoint, so telling a patient they have to travel hours away for treatment compounds all those issues. Our goal is to provide cutting edge cancer care close to home for the River Valley.”

Using advanced technology, including IMRT, IGRT and radiotherapy, we offer the most progressive cancer treatment in the River Valley region.

Every patient receives a unique treatment plan that maximizes the dose to the tumor while reducing exposure to normal health issues, resulting in a better quality of life during and after the course of treatment. It’s our mission to set a greater standard for cancer treatment in the River Valley by providing comprehensive care with the most advanced technology available, coupled with a positive, caring and professional staff.

Our clinic is located on the campus of the Baptist Health Plaza-Fort Smith. Baptist Health Radiology Oncology is a service of Baptist Health-Fort Smith.

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