BDB 100 | Entrenando en el Clima Cálido

Para cualquiera que se esté preparando para un evento de clima caluroso, como la carrera ciclista del Big Dam Bridge, el Dr. Jay Geoghagan, cardiólogo de Baptist Health Ejercicio y Deportes Clinic, comparte cuatro consejos para ayudarle a mantenerse seguro./p>

BDB 100 | Training in Hot Weather

For anyone preparing for a hot weather event, such as the Big Dam Bridge cycling race, Dr. Jay Geoghagan, a cardiologist at Baptist Health Exercise and Sports Clinic, shares four tips to help you stay safe.

BDB 100 | Nutrition for Cyclists

Are you an avid cycling enthusiast seeking to optimize your nutrition for peak performance during the Big Dam Bridge 100 race? Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in supporting your cycling efforts, whether you’re a casual rider or a competitive cyclist.
Our sports nutritionist Mitchell Kirby, MS, RDN, LD at Baptist Health Bariatric Center-Little Rock, shares six nutrition tips before, during and after the race to help you achieve your goals.