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You’re at Baptist Health to deliver…now what?

Thanks to your doctor, you’re prepared for the physical steps of delivering your baby. What Baptist Health wants to prepare you for next is what happens when you arrive at the hospital. What kind of room will you be in? Who will you speak with? How long will you be staying at the hospital after delivery?

Being prepared is the best way to feel safe, calm and stress-free as you arrive at Baptist Health to deliver your baby.

There is a difference in steps between those who deliver vaginally and those who deliver via C-Section. This will be different from woman to woman as every pregnancy is unique, but you can expect some version of this sequence.

1. Arrive at Baptist Health when you notice signs of labor.

Whether your water breaks, you start experiencing contractions or you have a C-Section scheduled, you’ll want to grab your “go-bag” and head straight for Baptist Health. We recommend that all pregnant women pre-register as soon as possible to avoid being separated from their partners for longer periods of time and to spend less time filling out paperwork once they arrive. You should head directly to the labor and delivery area of the hospital.

2. Sign in and get sent to the triage area for pregnant women.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll likely be seen by medical staff to make sure that you’re actually in labor (many women experience Braxton Hicks contractions). If you are in active labor – you will be admitted and will be taken to a labor and delivery room or suite.

Have you pre-registered yet? It doesn’t matter if your delivery date is months away – pre-registering will ensure that you or your partner has less paperwork to fill out.

3. Get comfortable in your birthing room. 

Once you’re in the delivery room, nursing staff will make sure that everything is running smoothly. From this point onwards, things will move forward according to the birth plan that you and your doctor agreed upon, unless things do not go exactly as planned.

4. Your OB/GYN will monitor your progress as you get closer to deliver time.

If you are delivering vaginally, your OB/GYN (or laborists if it’s after hours) will check in frequently to see how far along you are. If you’re delivering via C-section, you will probably be wheeled into an operating room.

5. Time to deliver.

If you are delivering your baby vaginally, labor, delivery and recovery will happen in the same room. If you’re delivering via C-section, your physician will take it from here and deliver your baby.

6. Once you have delivered, you will be sent to a postpartum room where you will remain until it’s time to go home.

After delivery, Baptist Health staff will perform the APGAR test, a standardized test to assess your newborn. This test can be performed twice; one minute after birth and five minutes after birth. It will check your baby’s heart rate, muscle tone, and other signs to determine if your newborn requires emergency care. If you have reserved a postpartum suite, you’ll be transported to the suite to enjoy privacy with your baby and partner.

7. Baptist Health’s Miracle hour…

As we are a baby-friendly hospital, we are big believers in giving mom and baby time to bond. After birth, we carve out time for mom, partner and baby to be together without the bustle of nursing staff and doctors. This is an important step in connecting with your baby. After you have this time with your family, you will also be informed of the lactation resources that Baptist Health has to offer. Your baby will be monitored as long as he/she is at the hospital and standard tests will be run to ensure that you are going home with a healthy newborn.

8. Car seat tests with Baptist Health staff.

It’s almost time to go home, but getting home safely is very important. Baptist Health staff will ensure that you have the appropriate car seat (for newborns) installed correctly in your car, and that the car seat is safe for your baby.  

9. Discharge

Once you have been assessed by your physician and your newborn has been cleared to leave the hospital, you will be discharged. The timing varies between 24 hours and a few days depending on the method of delivery and your baby’s progress.

Plan Ahead, Pre-Register for Delivery Now