Women's Health

Success Stories

The best advocates for the care you can expect from Baptist Health are the patients themselves. Hear success stories from a few of our patients.

Christina Shaw, Childbirth Patient (2:18)

After having her membrane spontaneously break 28 weeks into her pregnancy, Baptist Health was able to delay labor and administer the proper steroids and precautions to ensure a safe and healthy birth even at such an early stage in pregnancy.

Laura, Childbirth Patient (1:06)

Even though Laura was just a stranger in Arkansas after evacuating to escape a hurricane, Baptist Health’s hospitality made Laura feel safe and calm throughout her surprise delivery.

Laurie Loyd, Breast Cancer Patient (2:15)

After discovering her family’s women had a history of cancer, Laurie decided to have her family’s genes tested. After several family members tested positive for lacking a cancer-blocking gene, her family can now take preventative measures to avoid cancer.

Shana Wilson, Breast Cancer Patient (3:25)

Shana discovered she had breast cancer at the young age of 25, much younger than the usual demographic for breast cancer. Baptist Health was able to help her through her struggles and unusual case not only through medicine, but through friendships and support groups.

Diana Foster, Breast Cancer Patient (2:23)

Breast cancer surgery had taken away a part of Diana. Luckily, Baptist Health was able to restore her breasts using tissue from Diana’s on body instead of artificial implants.

Chrissa Newcomb, Breast Cancer Patient (2:44)

Being diagnosed with breast cancer just weeks before her 40th birthday left Chrissa shocked. Baptist Health has helped and encouraged her all the way through treatments and through the encouragement and fellowship of other women fighting breast cancer as well.

Kimberly Templeton, Childbirth Patient (1:23)

Kimberly and Jerome Templeton’s decision to add another child to their family was an easy one. The challenges that soon followed were anything but normal.

Rebecca Leibig, Gastroenterology Patient

Retired teacher Rebecca Leibig has always lived a healthy and active lifestyle, until one day she spiked a fever and decided to go see her doctor.

After several tests, Rebecca learned that she had an abscess on her colon and liver and needed surgery.

Under the care of Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock, Rebecca had a successful surgery but needed daily IV antibiotic treatments to completely recover.

She was able to receive treatment in her hometown at Baptist Health Medical Center-Stuttgart.

And after one month of daily treatments, Rebecca is back to her life and doing all the things that she loves, like playing the organ, singing in the choir and ringing bells at her church.

Dorris Fothergil, Neurology Patient

When she's not enjoying herself on the dance floor or the golf course, active 69-year-old Dorris Fothergil is busy working in her hair salon.

Already beating the odds as a breast cancer survivor, Dorris’s doctors unfortunately discovered a brain tumor during one of her follow up scans. They diagnosed Dorris with a meningioma, a tumor that forms on the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord just inside the skull.

Often, meningiomas cause no symptoms and require no immediate treatment but the growth of benign meningiomas can cause serious problems. In some cases, such growth can be fatal.

Dr. Tim Burson, neurosurgeon with Baptist Health, recommended that the growth be monitored for a period of time but after watching it for four years, the time came to remove the tumor before it could cause permanent damage.

After undergoing a successful surgery, Dorris’s tumor was removed and her doctors confirmed that it was benign.

When Dorris awoke, she had virtually no pain and no apparent effects from the surgery. And after a short stay in intensive care, Dorris was on the road to recovery and back to styling hair, swinging her club and waltzing with friends.