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When Do You Need to See a Lactation Consultant?

When Do You Need to See a Lactation Consultant

Elizabeth Oyler BSN, RN, IBCLC

Baby-Friendly Program Coordinator

Breastfeeding issues are a common topic of discussion during postpartum checkups. For women who experience difficulty nursing, an appointment with a lactation consultant can help them overcome problems with breastfeeding. At Baptist Health, we offer advanced lactation services provided by expert specialists through Expressly For You, a breastfeeding resource for new mothers. 

When to See a Lactation Consultant

We recommend you see a lactation consultant from Expressly For You when:

1. Your Breasts or Nipples Hurt

Breasts or nipples can hurt for a number of reasons after birth, including clogged ducts, mastitis, engorgement or cracked nipples. A lactation consultant can help diagnose your issue and create a treatment plan that will help you find relief from breast pain without disrupting your breastfeeding schedule.

2. Your Baby Isn't Gaining Any Weight

If your baby’s weight is unusually low or your baby doesn’t gain weight at a healthy pace, it could be due to a low milk supply or a latching issue. Seeing a lactation consultant can help with either issue.

3. You Have More Than One Baby (Twins, Triplets, etc.)

If you’ve had (or are having) multiples, Baptist Health recommends seeing a lactation consultant to help you prepare for the issues that come with breastfeeding more than one baby, from how to support each baby while they are breastfeeding to meeting your own nutritional needs. 

4. You’re Frustrated or Confused About Breastfeeding

Whatever breastfeeding issues you face, a lactation consultant can provide you with the support and resources you need to work through them. If you have questions, concerns or are having problems breastfeeding, schedule an appointment with a lactation consultant. You can also find 24/7 breastfeeding support through the Arkansas Breastfeeding Warm Line at 501-202-7378 or 1-844-344-0408