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When do you need to see a lactation consultant?

Elizabeth Oyler BSN, RN, IBCLC
Baby-Friendly Program Coordinator

As a new mother, you have unlimited responsibilities. Our goal at Baptist Health is to alleviate the pressure when unexpected issues arise. When women come in for their postpartum checkups, one of the most common topics of discussion involve breastfeeding.

While not all new mothers breastfeed, those who do know that many issues can arise when breastfeeding your newborn. In many cases, your physician will recommend contacting a lactation consultant for breastfeeding related issues. At Baptist Health, Expressly For You is a resource for new mothers. You can find information about breast pumps, request a consultation or ask questions.

We recommend that new mothers see a lactation consultant from Expressly For You when:

1. Their breasts or nipples hurt

There are a number of reasons that you might be experiencing pain in your breast or nipple: clogged ducts, mastitis, engorgement or cracked nipples. Seeing a lactation consultant can help diagnose the problem and set you up with a treatment plan that ensures that you don’t disrupt your breastfeeding schedule.

2. Their baby is not gaining any weight

In the days immediately after birth, it’s not uncommon for your baby to lose a few ounces. However, if your pediatrician begins to notice an unusual weight, it could be due to a low milk supply or your baby not latching correctly onto the breast during feeding time. These are issues your lactation consultant can help with.

3. They have (or are having) more than one baby (twins, triplets, etc.)

If you’ve had (or are having) multiple births, Baptist Health recommends seeing a lactation specialist to help you prepare for breastfeeding more than one baby. This can include supporting each baby while they are breastfeeding and how to keep up with your nutrition when you’re feeding multiple babies. Your obstetrician may suggest this before you give birth.

4. They are frustrated or confused about breastfeeding

If you have questions, concerns or are having any kind of breastfeeding related issues, Expressly For You is available to you via its hotline or by appointment.

To avoid frustration or disruption in your breastfeeding schedule, take advantage of a lactation consultation from a specialist at Expressly For You. We also offer virtual visits for those not living close to our services. To schedule your virtual visit, call Jessica Donahue at (501) 202 7378