What is a Hospitalist?

Baptist Health Medical Center-Conway Hospitalist Program

There’s an emerging field of medicine that focuses on the care of patients while they’re in the hospital. A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in the care of hospitalized patients and whose practice is in the hospital, not in an office. Our hospitalists are trained in internal medicine and well versed in the unique needs of hospitalized patients.

What is a hospitalist’s role in my care?

A hospitalist resumes the role of your primary care provider while you are in the hospital. It is a hospitalist’s job to help you regain health as quickly as possible. They do this by designing an individualized plan of care for each patient and working with nurses and other health care professionals to provide this personal attention. We strive for thorough communication with all clinicians during your care.

What is the benefit of a hospitalist?

The main benefit of being cared for by a hospitalist physician is having a doctor who is available around-the-clock to make adjustments to your treatment. Some of the duties performed by hospitalists include making necessary medication changes, scheduling and preparing you for tests, and optimizing your medical conditions before surgery. Hospitalists are available to discuss your condition with you and your family and to answer any questions that you may have about medications, test results, and your overall recovery.

What is the hospitalist’s relationship with my PCP?

Your hospitalist and primary care doctor support each other by communicating at the time of your admission and by sharing information and records that help with your treatment. At discharge, the hospital team sends important medical information about your hospital stay and discharge plan to your primary care physician. When you leave the hospital, the hospital staff will make an appointment for you with your primary care physician and your physician will resume responsibility for your medical care.

The Baptist Health Medical Center-Conway Hospitalist team is made of these amazing providers:

Dr. Nawal Shekhawat

Dr. Muhammad Nazir

Dr. Hira Cheema

Dr. Sultan Chhina

Dr. Teresa Bau

Brett Morris, APRN

We’re here to provide the care you need to keep you and your family growing strong.

To reach a Baptist Health Hospitalist, call 501-585-2800.