Urgent Care

Protect Yourself and Your Family From This Cold and Flu Season

Flu season has arrived. Protect your family now against this year’s seasonal flu virus and get vaccinated at one of our locations for only $30 for self-pay patients. Best of all, most insurances cover the cost of the vaccination. No appointment is needed and most centers are open seven days a week with extended weekday hours. Click here to find an urgent care center near you.


Flu season is here, and Baptist Health Urgent Care centers want to help keep you and your family healthy. Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about flu shots and how they can help protect your family this season.

Cold vs the Flu

Colds and the flu often occur around the same time of year and both have similar, unpleasant symptoms. Click here to read more on cold vs flu symptoms so you can determine the best course of treatment.

Smart Steps to Avoid the Flu

Flu season brings the potential for missed time from school, work and family activities. Click here to read more on smart steps to help you and your family avoid the flu.