Rehab Services

Unweighting System

The Unweighting System is designed primarily for individuals who have insufficient leg and/or trunk strength to support their entire body weight in the standing position. Through the use of a special body harness, a specialized treadmill and a computer assisted lift, body position and the amount of weight bearing may be specifically controlled as well as the walking speed. The utilization of this system is an excellent method of improving strength, balance and coordination as the amount of weight and pace of walking are increased.

X-Sensor Pressure Mapping System

The X-Sensor Pressure Mapping System is a computer program utilized for seating assessments. This program gives a dynamic visual picture of the amount and location of seating pressure areas and takes the guess work out of proper cushion selection. Along with several local vendors, a large inventory of wheelchair and cushion options are maintained so the individuals will be able to obtain the appropriate equipment to meet their specific needs.

Bioness H200

aNESS H200 exoskeletal device worn on the hand and forearm

Baptist Health Rehabilitation Institute (BHRI) in Little Rock is the only hospital in the state to offer Bioness H200, the latest state-of-the-art neuroprosthetic and rehabilitation system designed to increase functional use of the hand and minimize impairments and complications associated with central nervous system injuries.

Therapists have already completed training on the system and have begun using it in the treatment of patients. Stroke, spinal-cord injuries and other disorders of the central nervous system are the most frequent causes of long-term disability. These disorders often result in the impairment of muscle control, reduced functional abilities, spasticity and loss of strength.

The NESS H200, an exoskeletal device worn on the hand and forearm, is designed to help patients regain control and movement of the muscles in their arms and hands. For example, a stroke patient may not be able to pick up a water bottle with their injured hand, but while wearing the NESS H200 they are able to grasp the bottle and move it off the table. The device is also user friendly and can be put on and removed by the patient, even if both hands are impaired.

Bioness L300

The Bioness L300 is an innovative wireless electrical stimulation system designed to assist individuals who have foot and ankle weakness or movement control problems from a central nervous system injury such as stroke or brain injury. The system stimulates the muscles lifting the foot at the proper time in the walking sequence. This may reduce the need for rigid braces and reduce walking deviations used to compensate for poor ankle control.

Ceiling Lifts

Patient rooms at Baptist Health Rehabilitation Facilities are equipped with an electronic ceiling lift. These enhance patient and staff safety in assisting individuals with getting in and out of bed who are not physically ready to participate in pivot transfers. Additionally, there are three ceiling lifts installed in therapy which may be used for lifting or, utilizing a special body harness, may be used for early walking training for individuals who are at a high risk for falling.

Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike

The Functional Electrical Stimulation bike is used for individuals with a variety of diagnoses including spinal cord injuries, stroke, brain injury and multiple sclerosis who have decreased movement in their trunk and extremities. Electrodes focus graded amounts of electrical stimulation to assist the muscle contraction to propel the stationary bike. Virtual displays provide motivation and help encourage symmetrical movement of the arms and legs.

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