A leader in the Oncology treatments, BAPTIST HEALTH provides minimally invasive and video assisted surgical procedures including:

Lumpectomy: a common surgical procedure designed to remove a discrete lump (usually a tumor, benign or otherwise) from an affected woman's breast. As the tissue removed is generally quite limited and the procedure relatively non-invasive (compared to a mastectomy for example), a lumpectomy is considered a viable means of "breast conservation" or "breast preservation" surgery, with all the attendant physical and emotional advantages of such an approach.

Cryo-surgery for prostate cancer and kidney cancer: Where a surgeon will apply an extreme amount of cold (typically using liquid nitrogen) in order to kill and get rid of the cancerous tissue in your prostate. Ice crystals build up inside the cells themselves, ripping them apart. The pain is usually minimal, there is generally very little scarring.

Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy: The surgical removal of the adrenal gland through a small incision in the abdomen. A small telescope is used to visualize the adrenal gland so it can be dissected and removed through a small abdominal incision

Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery: Minimally invasive technique, in which pituitary tumors can be removed through the patient's natural nose. This procedure does not require sublabial or nostril incisions and eliminates the need for occlusive postoperative packing used with the conventional procedures. It is minimally invasive because it directly approaches the tumor through the patient's nostril thus eliminating facial swelling, decreasing postoperative pain, and making recovery quicker. Most patients can go home the day following their surgery.

VATS Lung Resection: This refers to the video-assisted, minimally invasive surgical removal of a part of the lung or the whole lung, due to disease or damage caused by lung cancer, emphysema, tuberculosis, or other severe conditions.

Laparoscopic Gastric Resection is a minimally invasive approach for the most common weight loss procedure. Laparoscopic obesity operations have only been performed since 1993.

Click Here for more information on Gastric Bypass Surgery at BHMC-Little Rock.

Laparoscopic Colectomy: The minimally invasive surgical removal of a part of colon or the whole colon due to disease or cancer.

VATS Esophagectomy: This refers to the video-assisted, minimally invasive surgical removal of the esophagus (throat), which is typically only done to treat high-grade dysplagia or other severe conditions of the esophagus, and is done by inserting a tiny camera into a small incision.

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