Epic - Electronic Medical Record System (EMR)

Patients will benefit in many ways from Epic. First, patient safety will be enhanced with computerized physician-order entry. Epic has clinical decision support built in that alerts physicians during the ordering process. For example, if a patient is allergic to penicillin and the physician places an order for a drug containing penicillin, an alert will pop up to warn the physician the patient is allergic to the drug.

Physician orders will be legible and immediately available to the pharmacy, lab, and caregivers. Patients will have fewer delays in getting medication or tests because orders are transmitted directly to all areas.

There will be many safety checks in the medication administration process using bar-code medication administration. All medications will have a bar code on them, as will patient armbands. Before giving a medication, the nurse will scan the drug and the patient’s armband. The Epic system will check to make sure that medication is ordered for that patient, and if not, a warning pops up to say the medication is not ordered.

Comprehensive discharge instructions called the after-visit summary are created throughout the patient stay from documentation from all providers. The summary contains information about follow-up appointments and specific information about home medications.

And a physician can access a patient’s medical record from any computer connected to the Internet to have complete information available when answering nurses’ phone calls about changes in patient condition.

    • Medication errors and adverse drug reactions will be avoided by the drug-interaction alerts built into the Epic system

    • Clinical-decision support and alerts built into the Epic system will help ensure the correct medications are ordered and administered

    • Documentation of allergies will be enhanced with the additional detail regarding allergy severity that can be recorded in Epic

    • Computerized physician-order entry with standardized order sets will decrease medication errors due to omitted doses and handwriting legibility issues

    • Bar-coded medication administration will reduce wrong patient and wrong medication type errors –– it is estimated that a 70-percent reduction in dispensing-related medication events could occur

    • Physicians are able to access the complete patient record remotely

    • Enhanced ability to recruit new medical staff • Ability to exchange records with other Epic organizations as the patient moves around the country

    • Improved communication and documentation will improve continuity of care and shorten length of stay

    • Decreased time spent on documentation –– data is entered once and viewed in many formats • Reduced transcription costs

    • Repetitive tasks are automated such intake and output totals and body-mass index calculations

    • Decreased paper and printing costs

    • Reduces duplicate testing

    • Order processing is eliminated resulting in reduced cycle time from order to result

    • Medication orders are immediately available for order verification reducing time from order to administration

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