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The benefits of losing weight can transform you in many different ways. For some, it’s getting their confidence back. Some finally get off medications. And for others, it can be life-saving. Obesity is more than just a cosmetic concern. It’s a condition that can negatively affect the quality of life and longevity. Being overweight makes everyday tasks difficult or painful.

Weight loss surgery with Baptist Health can aid in increased health benefits like controlling diabetes, reduced risk of heart complications, reducing high blood pressure, better sleeping habits, and improved overall health. Our providers are committed to helping you every step of the way – before and after surgery.

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Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is never easy. It’s a lifelong commitment that requires the proper tools to be successful. Bariatric surgery is one of many options you have to lose weight for good. At Baptist Health Specialty Clinic-Malvern, our surgical weight loss team equips you with the knowledge and confidence to become a healthier you. Unrivaled in surgical weight loss, Baptist Health offers a comprehensive approach to surgical weight loss and metabolic services coupled with expertise you won’t find anywhere else, all backed by the resources of the state’s most trusted healthcare provider.

As a bariatric patient at Baptist Health, you’ll gain access to numerous resources you need, including a patient support group and registered dietitians close to home. Never worry about traveling out-of-town for follow-up appointments. If you suffer from obesity, our providers can help you determine your eligibility for weight loss surgery and start you on a path to a healthier you.

After bariatric surgery, many patients experience positive health benefits such as:

Improved Sleep Patterns

Reduced High Blood Pressure

Controlled Diabetes

Improved Overall Health

Meet Our Surgeon

Dr. Eliyahu Hemo

Dr. Eliyahu Hemo has helped Arkansans from every corner of the state achieve their healthy weight by accommodating each patient’s unique needs and providing unmatched care. He is committed to helping patients live healthier, happier lifestyles through successful weight loss and long-term weight management. The support staff at Baptist Health Specialty Clinic-Malvern strives to meet the needs of all patients in a caring, friendly, and kind atmosphere. Our mission is to give top-quality care in a professional, considerate manner.

“I’ve lost 130 pounds…Baptist Health helped me become the person that I always knew that I was.”

-Juanita Bolen

“With weight loss surgery at Baptist health I lost 180 pounds!”

-Floyd Bruneck

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