Jennifer Dillon

Employee, Baptist Health Medical Center-Conway

I started nursing school at Baptist School of Nursing in 1988. Upon graduating from their two-year RN program in December 1990, I was diagnosed with granulocytic sarcoma. I soon was a patient in the same hospital I had just finished clinicals in. Nursing boards had to be delayed due to chemo. As I became a frequent patient on 10A, I connected with several of the nurses. I finally was able to take a job on 10A. There was a handsome orderly, that worked with us, his name was Chaz Dillon. We started dating – even when I was wearing a wig. We married in February 1992. All four of our children have been born at Baptist Health Medical Center-Little Rock. I truly believe God had a hand in each step of my life. I have been an employee of Baptist Health for 30 years, and cancer free for 30 years. My nursing career has also allowed me to work mostly in Preop, and Labor and Delivery. There are so many stories of those that have walked these halls. Baptist Health has truly taken care of me, and my family.