Erica Snowden

Employee, Baptist Health Gastroenterology Clinic

I was born here at Baptist Health six months early weighing only 1 pound, 6 ounces. I ended up going blind for three months due to being in the incubator for so long and luckily with the blessings of God and the doctors I am now able to see with glasses or contacts. Baptist Health means a lot to me and even has me in the medical field just due to my birth. Once I heard how I was born and how the doctors and nurses did everything to save me it was clear to me that being a nurse was my calling in life. Right now, I am a medical assistant who is currently in school taking my prerequisites for nursing. I have a passion for taking care of people it’s just in me to do so, and that’s why I feel that God has kept me here in this world to carry on that greatness of caring for others. I never thought that I would end up on the campus that I was birthed at to be a employee here. I am very happy to be working for this amazing establishment and caring for others. I have a wonderful work family and such a encouraging supervisor who pushes me to do my best and believes in me which I am very thankful for because I never really had a supervisor believe in me the way that mine does. I love the doctor that I work for here and just overall love my work family and being here. One day, once I graduate from nursing school, I hope to continue on the legacy of Baptist Health by still being here or just carrying on the values and mission of Baptist Health.