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Signs of Stroke

When you or someone you know has a stroke, it’s important to act fast. A matter of minutes could be the difference between full recovery or permanent damage, and in some cases, life or death. For Baptist Health patient Nancy Branch, the quick actions of those around her are the only reason she fully recovered from her stroke. By simply memorizing a few warning signs, you can be prepared to help someone having a stroke, or quickly get the attention you need if you experience them yourself.

To take lifesaving action against a stroke, you must know the signs. Memorize the acronym below to ensure you’re prepared to act if you experience or witness a stroke.


One of the earliest signs of stroke is a sudden loss of balance.
You may begin to lose some or all your vision.

Drooping on one or both sides of the face is one of the most recognizable stroke symptoms.
One arm may become limp and lose mobility.
Stroke victims often seem disoriented, and their speech may be unusual or slurred.
Act fast. Immediately call 911 if you notice any of these signs in yourself or someone else.

Thanks to BE FAST, Nancy Branch was able to keep on co-pastoring her church, keep on parenting her sons, keep on running her day care, and keep on amazing. This simple acronym saved Nancy’s life, and it could save yours too.

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