Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care at Baptist Health

Expert Pediatric Care for a Healthy Childhood

You want your child to grow up healthy and strong – and finding the right pediatrician plays a critical role in making that happen. Backed by the power of the largest healthcare provider in the state, the Baptist Health pediatrics team offers your child compassionate care and innovative programs to help them grow and thrive. As your partner in caring for your child, we equip you with the information and services needed for a healthy, happy childhood.

Our pediatricians and family medicine physicians provide your child with expert pediatric care for a wide range of both illnesses and chronic conditions, from common colds to asthma. The Baptist Health pediatrics team also offers the full spectrum of wellness care and preventive services by keeping your child up to date on important vaccines and screenings.

You can see any of our pediatricians or family medicine physicians in a traditional clinic setting, or you can virtually see a provider in the comfort of your own home through the Baptist Health Virtual Care app.

Services for You & Your Newborn

The first few weeks of new parenthood can often feel daunting as you adjust to feeding, diapering, and comforting your new baby.  As you begin to navigate life with a newborn, remember that Baptist Health offers excellent resources like breastfeeding support, tips on choosing the right pediatrician, and more. We believe that every new mom deserves postpartum support, and we’re ready to help make the transition from pregnant to parent as amazing as your new baby. 

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