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If you received care at a Baptist Health facility in Arkansas, click the MyChart logo below to access MyChart.


MyChart is the easy and secure way to manage your healthcare and access much of your medical records online. 

Appointments are one click away with MyChart

Making an appointment at a clinic is now easier than ever. Use MyChart to schedule an appointment, request an appointment, or cancel an upcoming visit with your primary care physician. Prior to your scheduled visit with your provider, you can use E-CheckIn to update insurance information, medications, allergies, fill out questionnaires and sign documents. Pre-register for labor and delivery with expected delivery date and location.

Follow-up care and direct contact with your provider

You can send a message to your primary care provider if any follow up questions arise regarding a current health concern. You will also be able to receive letters when needed, including school excuses, work excuses, or referral letters.

Track your health information including test results

Use MyChart to keep up-to-date with your health information, immunizations, allergies, and medications. With MyChart, you also have access to request a prescription refill for a current medication, view your conditions and your plan for care, add/ remove medications and allergies.

Pay bills online

With MyChart you can view detailed statements for clinics visits, bills from recent tests or hospital stays, and use your credit card to make easy, hassle-free payments electronically. You can review recent payment information, account summaries, and even sign up for paperless billing options for your clinic visits.

Access to your health summary

Your health summary gives you an immediate, concise, and well-organized summary of your key healthcare information including current health issues, medications, allergies, and immunizations.

Manage your child’s or another adult’s healthcare

MyChart lets you view your child’s or another adult’s health information by completing an authorization form and submitting it to MyChart services. 

Health information at your fingertips

You'll have access a whole health library that covers thousands of topics.

Share Everywhere

Share Everywhere will allow patients to grant access to their data to any providers who have internet access, even if they don’t have EHRs. In addition, using Share Everywhere, a provider granted access can send a progress note back to the patient’s healthcare organization for improved continuity of care.

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