Baptist Health Vision, Belief, Mission and Values

The Baptist Health Vision

Baptist Health will improve the health of Arkansans by changing the way healthcare is delivered. 

The Baptist Health Belief

Baptist Health is more than a business –– it is a healing ministry. Our healing ministry is based on the revelation of God through creation, the Bible, and Jesus Christ. At Baptist Health, care of the whole person ­­–– body, mind, and spirit –– is an expression of Christian faith. We are instruments of God’s restorative power and are responsible for giving compassionate care. 

The Baptist Health Mission

Baptist Health exists to provide quality patient-centered services, promote and protect the voluntary not-for-profit healthcare system, provide quality health education, and respond to the changing health needs of the residents of Arkansas with Christian compassion and personal concern.

The Baptist Health Values

In fulfilling our mission, we place special emphasis on the values of service, honesty, respect, stewardship, and performance.

Service –– Quality service is the foundation of any successful business and is even more essential in the provision of healthcare. Our success is dependent on each employee’s desire and commitment to serve others.

Honesty –– Adherence to the moral values of fairness, integrity, and honor in all relationships is a major priority.

Respect –– All people are to be treated as individuals with courtesy and thoughtfulness. Respect for each person’s dignity and worth is essential. Patients are to be treated with concern and compassion.

Stewardship –– We prudently commit our resources, using our talents and strengths in an effective and efficient manner. Our facilities and equipment are maintained with pride.

Performance –– Desired characteristics of Baptist Health employees include initiative, dedication, talent, and knowledge tempered by common sense. The highest possible performance from all employees is expected, but never at the expense of our values. It is imperative that complacency and mediocrity be avoided through innovation and progress.