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Fun and games are a part of everyday life, and Arkansas is a great place to be physically active doing the things you love most. Whether it's indoor or outdoor sports, gardening, dancing, sailing, swimming or strolling along our scenic trails with loved ones, BAPTIST HEALTH knows you are on the go and don't want to miss a minute of fun due to muscular pain, joint injury, or broken bones.

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Because healthy joints and bones allow you to be active throughout every stage of your life, BAPTIST HEALTH provides you with the information you need to prevent injury and develop strong bones and muscles.

Let us help you participate fully in every moment of your day...

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  • Where do I find the best care?
    Our Orthopedic Center of Excellence offers a team approach to your treatment that leaves you feeling happy and confident that you're in the best of hands. You'll be pleased with our orthopedic standards of care.
  • What if I need joint replacement surgery or other orthopedic surgery?
    Learn about the common causes of joint pain and read the FAQ's regarding joint replacement surgery.
  • How soon will I be able to resume my normal activities?
    Read what our patients have to say!
  • Oh, my aching back! - Learn how avoid the most common back injuries and discover what the experts are saying.
  • How Much Do You Know About Taking Care of Your Knees?
    Take this easy on-line knee quiz and find out.
  • What Do You Know About Osteoporosis?
    There is a lot to learn about this silent disease that leads to weakened and fragile bones. Test your knowledge of osteoporosis here.
  • Got Calcium?
    Take our Calcium Quiz and find out if you have enough calcium in your diet.
  • How can I get more health information?
    Sign up for our Healthy Living Enewsletter, and we'll deliver great tips and health advice right into your inbox.

For Direct Physician Referral & Appointments: 501-227-8478 or 1-888-BAPTIST(227-8478)

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